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Virtual Ninja Training

Schedule & Programs


All classes are conducted on Pacific Standard Time (PST).

1 hour classes

Every Wednesday at 7PM

Every Sunday at 11AM

1 Hour classes*

*schedule may vary due to Holiday schedules


Classes are for all ages and abilities! If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.

Shodan Course - White to Black Belt

Virtual Zoom sessions accessible anywhere in the world (w/ internet).

1-hour classes conducted 2x per week with Sensei Cheever and Sensei Johnson.

Average of 8 LIVE classes per month, including previously recorded classes! 


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Black Belt Course - Advance Level

College level course goes in depth on the history and basics of the schools.

Course covers the Schools taught under the IBDA and DaiShihan Richard Van Donk. Highly Recommended to be 2nd Kyu or higher to participate.

IBDA membership is NOT a requirement.


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Private Instruction - Customized

Set in 1-hour blocks with 1 or both instructors.

Your choice of topics, customized training based on your goals. We can help with multiple topics but with an emphasis on working on the fundamentals to a deeper level.

Let us know what interests you or what you would like to work on. 



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The Core Curriculum

Our mission is to train and to share with as many people as we are able, the art of Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu and Budo. Our only prerequisite for training is that the student possesses respect for all life, an open heart and mind, and a strong desire to learn. Those that do not attempt to cultivate these attributes will not find happiness or success in our school.

There is no rivalry because our art is taught to polish the heart; to better yourself mental and spiritually as you do physically. It is taught and studied by people helping each other to grow in Body, Mind, and Spirit. Students are instructed to maintain the idea of harmony and non-aggression in their daily lives. 

Doshi Van Donk says “To be a protector of peace you must be strong enough to defend peace and resolved enough to be peaceful even in times of challenge”.

Ninpo Taijutsu / Budo Taijutsu

At this beginning level you will learn the “Foundation” which is an overview of all the 9 schools and their weapons to prepare you for the deeper study of Ninpo Taijutsu and principles.

After learning a very solid overview of the Nine traditions “FOUNDATION” in the Shodan Course you will begin to explore the actual schools (also known as Ryu) material in a more in-depth way by studying the principles and partner exchange forms called waza. Unlike a Kata which is performed by oneself to perfection, waza are interactive drills that are done with at least 2 persons. Both in a formal way and with many variations so that the principles of the school can also be learned. Waza also help you learn timing, distancing, and eventually true Budo protection methods. Each of the 9 schools have their own focuses and attributes and may favor certain weapons.

Ninpo Taijutsu / Budo Taijutsu is a practical natural real combat and philosophical martial arts system. We train both unarmed and armed (both ancient, exotic and modern). In battlefield proven Ancient Budo Methods and in modern applications.

You will learn the master principles of the art: 

Body conditioning,
Body Safety - falls, rolls, leaping skills,

Striking - kicks, punches, blocks, elbow, jump kicks, sweeps, counters,
Stand-up Jujutsu - grappling, throws, locks, restraint techniques, finger locks, hand & body escapes,

Taijutsu - postures, footwork, technique integration, distancing, timing, angling, awareness training, control without grabbing, countering attacks, striking weak points,
Weaponry - formal and informal study, use of weapons as tools,
Ninjutsu - stealth movements, compact movement, compound applications, Art of Winning,
and more...

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    Sensei Johnson and Sensei Cheever has over 20 years combined experience! Learn from the masters in Ninjutsu and enroll now.


    Become an enlightened warrior. Learn how to protect yourself and others. You are graded not just on the skills you learn, but how you develop as a person. 


    Virtual classes are LIVE every week! Bonus access to all previously recorded material in a curated membership site for those that want to hone their skills and practice at your own pace.

    San Francisco Bay Area, California 

    International Bujinkan Dojo Association

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