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Virtual Ninja Training


Meet The Instructors

Virtual Ninja Training

Sensei Cheever

Ephraim Cheever

Sensei Ephraim Cheever started in the martial arts in 1997 and learned about the art of Ninjutsu through an advertisement in Black Belt Magazine by his future teacher Doshi Richard Van Donk. Nearly 20 years later, Sensei Ephraim rediscovered Doshi Van Donk while looking for Eskrima / Filipino Martial Arts training and began his journey to Ninjutsu mastery. Sensei Ephraim is now the assistant instructor at Bay Area Ninjutsu and the official International Bujinkan Dojo Association’s Virtual Ninja Training Dojo. 

Sensei Ephraim is also a law enforcement instructor who teaches Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Taser, Bola Wrap, and more. He also teaches the martial arts of Kajukenbo and DeCuerdas Eskrima. When he’s not teaching, Sensei Ephraim enjoys spending time with his children and family.

Virtual Ninja Training

Sensei Johnson, Shidoshi

Dena Johnson

Sensei Johnson was first introduced to ninjutsu after reading a comic book as a child. That sparked her goal to learn the art of ninjutsu. She found her master when she reached adulthood.

She accomplished her goal and received her Shodan in 2014. In 2019, she received her teaching license. Then in 2020, she passed the Godan test. She is now a Rokudan (6th degree).

Sensei Johnson enjoys hiking, reading and having fun. Whenever she's in nature she feels at home. She feels there's always something to enjoy and learn from, whatever the location or place. 

Our School

Virtual Ninja Training Instructors are affiliated with: Bay Area Ninjutsu, the International Bujinkan Dojo Association and DaiShihan Richard Van Donk. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

We accept prospective students from around the World. Our classes are only in English.

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